Two organic skincare brands have changed the way I shop

By Sarah London organic lip balm and face oil

I have been testing two organic skincare lines (28 days and counting) and want to spread the love. Both brands are British (whoop) and both have challenged me to think more about what I put on my skin. Why? Well, I would hazard a guess that

BEAUTY ADVENT 2017 // DAY #12: Volume without any of the usual stickiness

Aveda Volumizing Tonic

My all time favourite hair stylist, Sally, (yup, the very same who I followed down to Margate in March of this year) first introduced me to this fabulous styling product. Having naturally fine hair I have always been hesitant when it comes to styling products, for fear they will make my hair even thinner, but to my […]


RMS Beauty Living Luminzer

My obsession with finding the perfect contour shade is only marginally rivalled by my life-long hunt for the most imperceptible cream highlighter. The word ‘imperceptible’ is key here because I do not want people to notice my highlighter.