My obsession with finding the perfect contour shade is only marginally rivalled by my life-long hunt for the most imperceptible cream highlighter.

The word ‘imperceptible’ is key here because I do not want people to notice my highlighter. I only want them to see my (seemingly) radiant skin. Similarly I do not want them thinking ‘I wonder which highlighter she is using?’, but rather ‘Wow, her skin looks flawless’.

Introducing the gold standard of highlighters and my tenth present idea; RMS Living Luminizer.


RMS Beauty Living Luminizer


RMS stands for Rose Marie Swift, a celebrated Canadian makeup artist who decided to develop her own line of non-toxic cosmetics after experiencing some health issues which she believed traced back to her working with chemical cosmetics.  Many of the ingredients in her products are certified organic and today she passionately campaigns against the use and production of chemical cosmetics. Organic makeup versus traditionally chemical makeup is something I have wanted to look into for a while but have not yet had the chance to do. It is definitely on my list for next year! In the meantime I am glad I have found this little beauty.


RMS Beauty Living Luminizer


RMS Beauty Living Luminizer

This would make the most wonderful present for someone special, not least because it requires zero skill when it comes to application. The product is so sheer and luminous one cannot really over do it. It lifts the skin without stickiness or obvious pearlescence.

Personally, on no makeup days, I love wearing a little over bare skin and then when doing a full face of makeup I have been known to reach for it as a finishing touch – but only if I feel the rest of the makeup deserves it 😉


RMS Beauty Living Luminzer



How much is it:

This is the only down-side. It is a whopping £36.00 which is pretty pricey considering the little pot bears just 4.82g of the good stuff. I know, I know, but it is unparalleled! I have scoured every beauty aisle for a high street dupe. So far in my search the one that comes closest is Glossier Haloscope in Moonstone ($22.00 / £18.00 for 5.5g). I would say it leaves a more glossy finish than the RMS but the texture and shade are undeniably similar.


Where can I buy it:

In the UK it was previously only available online but RMS has recently launched in Space NK so the products can now all be experienced in store!!


Who is it for:

Any skin tone really though olive to deep skin tones will love the Magic Luminizer which has more of a champagne finish (warmer than the Living Luminizer).


How to use it:

Using your ring finger dab the cream onto the tops of cheekbones, the inner corners of the eyes (a great tip to help counteract the appearance of tiredness), top of the cupid’s bow, under the brow bone and if you like a slightly shimmery/glossy eye, the centre of the eyelid. The brand say it can also be used on the body, for example on the collar bone, but it is so darn expensive I’d rather use a body highlighter rather than waste good face product!


Coming up tomorrow…erm, I am not sure because I haven’t written it yet…but it will be good I promise. So many more present ideas to come…



A bit more about my Advent Cal:

My advent-themed calendar is designed to give you, lovely reader, some ideas for presents this gifting season. The list is based on my Top 25 Beauty Buys of recent years. Of the 25 products which made the cut, some I have used for the first time this year and others I have been using for several years. The selection criteria for each product was as follows:

1. It is a product I have repurchased or know I will definitely repurchase at some point
2. It is an item I believe will genuinely make an awesome gift for someone this Christmas

This series is not sponsored and you should know that, like many makeup artists, I am one of the fussiest people I know when it comes to selecting and using beauty products. They have to blow me away. Hope you enjoy!

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