Talks & Masterclasses

Support your employees and boost morale with interactive events for companies.

Talks & Masterclasses

Support your employees and boost morale with interactive events for companies.

For over 10 years I have hosted interactive talks and masterclasses for companies on the subject of ‘Makeup, Executive Grooming and Your Personal Brand’.

The beauty industry is constantly changing (a pace!), as are the parameters around how companies help their employees to feel supported, nurtured and seen in the workplace. HR directors are keen to factor in morale-boosting, educational and social activities throughout the year which encourage networking and a sense of employee well-being, but are often at a loss as to who will genuinely make a difference.

Diversity, inclusion and empowerment are integral building blocks within corporate life today. But where and how does makeup fit in? Are there rules, be they unwritten or unspoken about how employees are expected to show up? Do employees feel pressure to turn up looking a certain way, according to the industry they are operating in? Should this be relevant?

Sparking debate

I like to use my background in executive grooming to spark a debate among teams. Especially among those for whom makeup is considered part of their daily grooming for work. I like to help people makeup their own minds about whether or not makeup – no matter how little or how subtle – can help them to show up in a more authentic way.

By becoming cognizant of the ways in which we give off visual cues (through our dress, personal grooming and body language) and the ways in which these are interpreted by those around us, we have an opportunity to refine the way we are perceived. And within this lies the beginning of a potentially dramatic and positive shift.


Talks generally last 1 hour, with a 40 minute presentation followed by 20 minute Q&A. These are best suited to groups of 30-100 people.


Masterclasses are more intimate and suited to groups of 15-30 people. They involve live demos, Q&As and deliver practical solutions to common ‘office makeup’ questions.

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