BEAUTY ADVENT 2017 // DAY #16: The non toxic deodorant that actually works

You are probably going to want to kill me, having only yesterday featured a product which has been discontinued, I am today going to a feature a product which can only be purchased in Australia…but bear with me. All will become clear 🙂

I have never really given what I wear under my arms much thought but in recent years have become more aware of the key ingredients which make up the beauty or hygiene products I use. Particularly those ingredients which may not be so good for us in the longer term. One of those ingredients is aluminium, an ingredient commonly found in deodorants.


Body Crystal Wild Flowers deodorant

I came across a wonderful deodorant called Body Crystal whilst visiting my family in Melbourne last year. It caught my eye in a health food and wellness shop and although I was sceptical it would be any good (I have tried crystal deodorants in the past and they have not worked for me), I was really surprised by this one.

You may already know that there are two types of underarm products: antiperspirants and deodorants. Antiperspirants tend to contain ingredients (e.g. aluminium) which work by temporarily plugging the sweat ducts to prevent you from perspiring. Deodorants allow perspiration to occur but contain ingredients (usually natural, though not always) which help to block or diminish odour. Most antiperspirants will typically have a deodorising effect by way of a pleasant smell, thus combining the two types.


Body Crystal Wild Flowers deodorant

There have been many studies into the potential negative effects of long term use of aluminium, including rather frighteningly, associations with different types of cancer (e.g. breast) and Alzheimers. I am in no way qualified to give an opinion either way but if you are reading this, I hope this post will encourage you to look into it for yourself and make an informed decision.

For me personally it makes a lot of sense that if we put thought into what we put into our bodies by way of sustenance (food, drink, supplements), that we would also want to put thought into what we put on our bodies by way of skincare, cosmetics and personal hygiene products.

Thankfully there are now many non-aluminium deodorants available on the market but it is a case of trial and error in finding one that works for you. I have been so impressed with this particular crystal mineral deodorant – no stickiness, no stinging, great smell, does the job of keeping me smelling fresh (I think?!) – that I will definitely be asking my sister to bring me one or two more home after her upcoming trip to Oz! (thanks G-Nom *giant emoji smile*).

Whilst a natural deodorant might not be high on your present gifting list I think it would make a great present for someone, especially if it is of good quality. Plus, you get to enjoy the joke about the recipient’s ‘questionable hygiene’ when you give it to them 😉


Body Crystal Roll On Deodorant



How much is it:

$8.75 AUD (approx £5). Body Crystal ship throughout Australia and New Zealand. I notice on their website that they will also ship internationally but require the person placing the order to email or call first for a quote.


Where can I buy it:

Online at or if you live in or are visiting Australia you will come across it in certain branches of Coles and select pharmacies/health food shops.


Who is it for:

I would say the range is marketed more towards women than men, particularly looking at its fragrance options. Having said that I am sure at least one of their scents will appeal to men (Botanica perhaps?). If you are looking for a great non-aluminium deodorant for a man, I can highly recommend L’Occitane’s Baux Stick Deodorant (£16.00) which smells DIVINE.


Coming up tomorrow…

I have no idea! 😉 I know there are nine present ideas left (all not to be missed!!) but I am yet to photograph them (doing that tomorrow morn). When I decided to commit to this beauty advent I don’t think it quite registered in my pre-Christmas fuzzled brain that my partner and I (and our two year old German Shorthaired Pointer) would be moving house part way through…Ah well. It is making me write every day (which I love doing) and if I have inspired you to buy just one gift from this list then I will leave this series very happy!


A bit more about my Advent Cal:

My advent-themed calendar is designed to give you, lovely reader, some ideas for presents this gifting season. The list is based on my Top 25 Beauty Buys of recent years. Of the 25 products which made the cut, some I have used for the first time this year and others I have been using for several years. The selection criteria for each product was as follows:

1. It is a product I have repurchased or know I will definitely repurchase at some point
2. It is an item I believe will genuinely make an awesome gift for someone this Christmas

This series is not sponsored and you should know that, like many makeup artists, I am one of the fussiest people I know when it comes to selecting and using beauty products. They have to blow me away. Hope you enjoy!

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