BEAUTY ADVENT 2017 // DAY #14: The baby soft body lotion

Today’s present idea is a good all-rounder and would I suspect suit both men and women.

I first came across it when my partner and I booked a cosy studio Air B’n’B down in Liphook, Hamphire. The owner of the B’n’B had placed it in the bathroom for guests to use. I was surprised by this as usually, depending on the B’n’B one finds either more affordable brands or you are expected to provide your own. The product was none other than L’Occitane’s Extra-Gentle Lotion for Hands and Body and after a bath one evening I decided it was the best thing I had smelt in a long time.


L'Occitane Extra Gentle Lotion for Hands and Body Shea Butter 5%

The smell is quite difficult to describe but to my mind it simply smells clean and somewhat powdery. Like the way your skin might smell after talc has been applied.


L'Occitane Extra Gentle Lotion for Hands and Body Shea Butter 5%

With just 5% Shea Butter (they also do a rich, 15% version), the lotion is quickly absorbed leaving no sticky residue.


L'Occitane Extra Gentle Lotion for Hands and Body Shea Butter 5%


L’Occitane Extra-Gentle Lotion for Hands and Body



How much is it:

£21.00 for 300ml.


Where can I buy it:

L’Occitane online or in store (conveniently there is a stand alone store in St Pancras station which is lovely to shop in); John Lewis, some of the larger M&S etc.


Who is it for:

I can imagine such a ‘clean’ and powdery scent would be quite universal in its appeal, however, it is not a typically masculine scent. Would make a lovely present for couples.


How to use it:

Simply massage a couple of pumps into dry skin, as needed. I also like to apply it straight after showering, when my skin is a bit damp.


Coming up tomorrow…

A limited edition illuminating primer which gives the skin the most wonderful, ethereal glow. Be sure to tune in!


A bit more about my Advent Cal:

My advent-themed calendar is designed to give you, lovely reader, some ideas for presents this gifting season. The list is based on my Top 25 Beauty Buys of recent years. Of the 25 products which made the cut, some I have used for the first time this year and others I have been using for several years. The selection criteria for each product was as follows:

1. It is a product I have repurchased or know I will definitely repurchase at some point
2. It is an item I believe will genuinely make an awesome gift for someone this Christmas

This series is not sponsored and you should know that, like many makeup artists, I am one of the fussiest people I know when it comes to selecting and using beauty products. They have to blow me away. Hope you enjoy!

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